Andi Garbarino
Fine Art



About the Artist

I was a lucky little girl to grow up in rural north Texas. My parents shared several acres of land filled with wildflowers, trees and a gorgeous pond full of fish and singing frogs with my maternal grandparents. I never knew a baby sitter and enjoyed playing in what felt like an enchanted forrest behind the house. We had a variety of pets, from bunny rabbits and an iguana, to a parrot named Dolly and even hedge hogs! There were never less than three dogs running around to play with and protect me and my siblings on our outdoor adventures in what our imaginations turned into a castle built with tall native trees . Even more, my Daddy made sure there were always flowers—his rose bed just out the back door, Texas wildflowers growing tall and free in the field behind the house or on our kitchen island where he would surprise my mom with daisies, lilies, or bright and happy sunflowers.

My creative family made sure there was never a shortage of beauty, and with their loving encouragement, when we weren’t playing outside, our house became an art school, a theater stage, or a dance studio to meet whatever whims my sister, brother and I may have had.

The thing about childhood is that it’s easier to see the beauty in our everyday surroundings: the cracks in the sidewalk, the patterns in caterpillars, feathered clouds. I don’t know why it becomes much more difficult when we grow up to see it all and soak it in.

My art is inspired by these memories, and memories of dreams that I had in my childhood. The juxtaposition of flowers and trees and creatures with the tall buildings and architectural elements in these pieces are meant as a reminder to see the same beauty today, to look for the natural beauty in adversity, to find gratitude and feel joy.

If you are looking to escape trials of adulthood, be they mountains or molehills, through remembering childhood beauty and dreams, join me in the gallery to find a piece for embellishing your own life and space.