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The Art of Autumn: My Fall Bucket List

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I have always been a lover of fall. This Texas girl is also a December baby, so any hint that the scorching temperatures of summer would soon be swapped for less sweaty times was—and is—something to celebrate. Fall is brought to us by migrating butterflies (more on that next week) and leaves that tumble to the ground before crunching under our boots. And even though it is the end of much, it is also time for new sights and smells and sounds. (and flavors—yum!)

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There are a hundred aspects of this season that help make it special, from crisp apple candles to happy hale bales, and this year—my first New England leaves featuring vivid reds and oranges. But there are a few things that Autumn just wouldn’t be complete without and here is my list:

Perfect Fall Bucket list for Autumn To Do List Andi Garbarino Fine Art

I’m off to the land of Tex Mex, cowgirl boots and October Butterflies this week, so I’m happy I’ll get to check a few things off this list. What’s on your list for this new season?