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Art and Community: Highlights of the Revere Beach Art Festival

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I am a total and complete introvert. We are talking INFP (sometimes J!), enneagram four, GAD suffering introvert. There is little I love more than my morning coffee in my blue corner chair, puppies at my feet, open window mornings. BUT you know what else? I am also a deep lover of people and gatherings. (If you weren’t already on the gathering train, you can read more about my love for family dinner here.) My other favorite is to sit and make music or talk art with others—the way that harmonies can build off each other or to see the joy spread from each person in a conversation as their common ground becomes more obvious sets fire to my soul. And art has a beautiful way of creating space for that.

This weekend, communities both online and in person came together at the Revere Beach Art Festival. It was pretty special to meet some friends that I had made in the Instagram world in person and instead of just passing emojis back and forth get actual handshakes, high fives and even hugs!

The community of Revere, Massachusetts came out in anticipation of beauty—both artists and others. Artists like me were excited to put their work out into the world and hear the conversations that pictures and images have the power to inspire. Others were hoping to see pictures and visions that make them dream big dreams, remember sweet moments or awaken imaginations. And all were blessed with the sweet fellowship that the meeting of different perspectives can bring. There were residents of Revere and Boston who had recently moved from as far as Saudi Arabia and others who had been here a lifetime, young mothers with young children and older men and women who had a lifetime of beautiful memories—all gathered together in this sweet beachy town.

My local inner circle AKA the Dream Team: (left to right: Dusin and Emma Jones, yours truly, and my dear Hubby, Kohlton Fry)

My local inner circle AKA the Dream Team: (left to right: Dusin and Emma Jones, yours truly, and my dear Hubby, Kohlton Fry)

The only reason I was there was because of a supportive inner circle. From phone calls across time zones to my mom and sister that involve much talking off ledges, late night dreaming sessions out loud with my husband and my new (very dear!) friends spending the ENTIRE Saturday at the fair (not to mention late night prepping, Target and art store runs, and MEGA brainstorming sessions)—it is only possible because of the village.

My favorite moments of the weekend, besides recognizing the blessing of fierce friendship, included a teary-eyed journalist reminiscing about her dear mother, a recent Ohio transplant who is quite possibly my new brunch buddy, folks sharing what they see and remember from their pasts and dreams when they see the crazy images in my artwork. This is community: to share space, remember the past, dream about the future—and I am so so grateful to be a part of this one.

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